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Neue Musik (English new music, French nouvelle musique) is the collective term for a wealth of different currents in composed Western art music from around 1910 to the present. Its focus is on compositions of 20th century music. It is characterised in particular by – sometimes radical – expansions of tonal, harmonic, melodic and rhythmic means and forms. It is characterised by the search for new sounds, new forms or new combinations of old styles, which is partly a continuation of existing traditions, partly a deliberate break with tradition and appears either as progress or as renewal (neo -or post-styles). - Wikipedia


MindFlow’s subject was aiming to use artificial intelligence as a source to create momentary transmission movement to a human body and utilize this motion with the sense of improvisation in order to observe it evolve into another form

of output to create a new music composition. This transmission process is a research of artists, who are from different generations and use different forms of expression such as plastic arts, music, personal interpretation of the same input. This research resulted as a multifaceted new media installation project. The work was designed so that it could potentially expand to different geographical regions, cultures, places, continuously evolving and creating new iterations. 

“Mindflow is an immersive installation that consists of 9 videos and 9 sound sources which unifies architecture, performance art, artifical intelligence and computer-based visual technology. Mindflow is aiming to break the traditionally-constructed, strict boundries of classical music and achieve a new composition by transforming music with randomness, intuition and improvisation. While doing so, Mindflow is aiming to visualize the creation process by utilizing generative constructions. In this body of work, we became the mediator to strictly-constructed classical music, it’s insturments, their artists and led them to create an alternative new piece of music which is completely based on randomness and improvisation. We thought of this as an iconoclast form of action. Is the piece of music that comes out of this creation process, considered as a composition? If so, who does it belong to? We are aiming to bring these kinds of questions to the light.” - ha:ar 



The audio files on this page have not undergone any post-production or mixing, and are in their original, lossless format. The mixing and mastering processes required for MindFlow to be publish in stereo and Dolby Atmos formats on Apple Music are currently being carried out at ITU Miam studios.

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